Gregor Golabek     Gregor J. Golabek

                Associate Professor

     University of Bayreuth, Germany

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My main scientific interest are geodynamical processes on planetary scales. To study these I use numerical models, which allow me to accurately control initial and boundary conditions for a certain setup. These models give a detailed insight into the evolution of planetary interiors. The application of analytical models helps to pinpoint the basic physics governing the numerical models and to predict the general behaviour of the system.

Currently I'm working on coupled collision-thermomechanical models, the early thermomechanical evolution of various meteorite parent bodies and on topics like Archean Earth and grain size evolution in the Earth's mantle. The study of planetary formation and their early thermochemical evolution is in my opinion an exciting task as data and models from such divergent disciplines as astrophysics, geochemistry and rock physics can be combined with computational geodynamics to get a better understanding of the processes shaping the early solar system.

If you are an independent student looking for a master or PhD position in the area of geodynamics, please feel free to contact me.

                                   2016 German-Swiss Geodynamics Workshop

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