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Plot 1 (low resolution)

Figure 1. A P-T plot depicting the stability fields of three micas, Ms (muscovite), Pg (paragonite), and Mrg (margarite). Click on the image to get a blowup with a higher resolution.


Plot 2 (low resolution)

Figure 2. A P-T showing some high-pressure, mantle- relevant phase relations in the system MgO-SiO2. The polymorphic relationships in the SiO2, Mg2SiO4, and Mg2Si2O6 unaries are displayed, respectively, in red, green, and blue colors. Again, click on the image to improve its resolution.

The Software

Bayes is an interactive program for computing, viewing, and plotting P-T, T-XCO2, P-XCO2, and T-fO2 phase diagrams. It is freeware.


Download the setup.exe file and execute setup -d in a DOS session. Bayes will install itself automatically and create the directories BAYES and BAYES\DATA, in which all the requisite files will be stored. Refer to the file in the directory BAYES for further details of installation.

Download setup.exe

Users of the program are kindly requested to cite
Chatterjee N.D., Krüger R., Haller G. & Olbricht W. (1998): The Bayesian approach to an internally consistent thermodynamic database: theory, database, and generation of phase diagrams. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 133, 149-168

Bayes creates Postscript files. If you don't use a Postscript printer, you might need a program for printing those files. Ghostscript is an example of such a program. It can be obtained from its home page

Additional information

Should you have any question or suggestion regarding Bayes, please feel free to contact one of us:

Niranjan D. Chatterjee
Retired Professor of Mineralogy
Ruhr University
44780 Bochum, Germany
Ralf Krueger


last updated: 11/01/2002