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Important Dates

Deadline for abstract submission: August 15
Deadline for arrival/departure communication: August 26


Thursday, September 8 Arrival, registration and room check-in; Icebreaker party (8.00 PM)
Friday, September 9 Scientific sessions
Saturday, September 10 Scientific sessions
Sunday, September 11
Field excursion to the archaeological site of Segesta and the white sandy beach of S. Vito lo Capo;Social dinner (8.30 PM)
Monday, September 12 Scientific sessions
Tuesday, September 13 Scientific sessions
Wednesday, September 14 Departure from Erice
Scientific Program

The detailed scientific program of the School will be published as soon as possible. The abstract volume and other information concerning Erice and the Ettore Majorana Centre will be directly distributed to the participants upon their arrival.

Lectures, Talks & Posters

Lectures are limited to invited speakers only. Other contributions are intended as short poster presentations. Please bring two or three slides for a 3-5 minute oral summary of your poster. Posters will be displayed at the S. Domenico Conference Hall (in the Coffee Break Room - 2nd floor). Each poster board (1 single panel per poster presentation) has a dimension of 80 cm (width) x 90 cm (height) and is placed on an easel-like structure. Since the poster board is quite small and the availability of the easel-like structures is limited, there are a couple of options if you need more space. Keeping the width fixed to 80 cm, a poster with a length up to 180 cm can be easily fit to the structure. If necessary, two poster boards can be joined to hold a single poster of 160 cm x 90 cm Please let us know in advance if you need this special arrangement. All materials needed to attach the poster to the board will be provided.

Equipment & e-mail Access

In the S. Domenico Conference Hall there is a PC running Windows XP connected to a beamer and two overheads projectors. This PC has an Internet connection, so remote files can be accessed as well. The presentations can be stored in CD/DVDs or USB pen drives and downloaded to the main PC for the lectures. Occasionally, there are problems with Powerpoint presentations created using Mac OS X. If you are a Macintosh user, you may want to save your presentation in a more portable format such as PDF. However, you can bring your laptop and plug it directly to the beamer. In San Rocco there are some PCs running windows to check your e-mails while you are in Erice. The lecture and poster room in San Domenico and part of the San Rocco building are also running a wireless network so that you can reach the Internet if your laptop has a WiFi card.

Arrival & Departure

We kindly ask you to inform us about where, how and when exactly you will arrive. Your precise arrival and departure schedule (travel itinerary, date, time and number of flights) should be sent as soon as possible, and in any case not later than Friday, August 26 filling this form or sending e-mail. This in order to make the necessary transportation arrangements and to obtain the maximum assistance on arrival/departure.
We remind you that participants are supposed to arrive at the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice not earlier than the morning of September 8 (Thursday) and to depart not later than the afternoon of September 14 (Wednesday). Please note that the Erice Centre cannot accommodate participants before and after these dates. If you intend to expand your stay in Sicily you have to arrange your housing independently. All participants should arrive in Erice on September 8 before 8:00 PM. Tolerance is foreseen if schedules and connections force passengers to land very late at Palermo airport and for accidental delays.
On September 8 the Ettore Majorana Centre will have private cars or buses that will take the participants from Palermo Punta Raisi 'Falcone & Borsellino' airport (or from Palermo or Trapani stations if strictly necessary) to Erice. This trip requires about 90 minutes. Special requests should be addressed to Carlo Giunchi or Silvia Nardi and will be handled directly by the EMFCSC management.
Drivers will be waiting outside the baggage claim area of the Palermo airport with signs that read EMFCSC (EMFCSC is the acronym for "Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture"), or Ettore Majorana Centre. You cannot miss them. In case of emergency such as missed driver, lost luggages, very last moment changes in your travel itinerary during transit (i.e. missed connecting flight, re- routing, etc.) please contact us at the phone numbers of the Ettore Majorana Centre given below.
Erice roads are narrow so those arriving by big buses will be dropped at Porta Trapani, just outside the walls of the town and there is a 500 m walk up to the Ettore Majorana Centre. Upon leaving the bus, please check if your baggage is present. Do not leave any other item in the car/bus.

Registration & Payments

For those participants who will not benefit from financial support by the Organizing Committee, we remind that the registration fee for the meeting is 550,00 EUR (including food and lodging for 6 days and nights, meeting costs - e.g. abstract book, icebreaker, social dinner, coffee breaks, one-day excursion, transportation from/to Palermo; only beverages will be charged at the restaurants). The registration can be paid by bank transfer before the meeting (bank coordinates will be given on request) or on site (either by cash in EUR, USD at the actual conversion rate, or by eurocheques, personal cheques, or travelers cheques). The Ettore Majorana Centre WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD. However banks, ATMs and exchange services are available in Erice.

Venue & Accommodation

Accommodation is provided mainly in twin-bedded rooms, with bath or shower, in one of the three magnificently restored ancient monasteries, namely S. Rocco (main edifice), S. Francesco and S. Domenico, or in Edelweiss, Elimo and Ermione hotels. If you have any preferences, you can indicate with whom to share the room when compiling the Arrival/Departure Form. Rooms are equipped with towels and soap, and with European outlet shaving points (220 V). Washing machines are also freely available at the S. Rocco building.

Accompanying Persons

Accommodations in double room will be arranged for couples. Please note that, besides the one-day excursion to Segesta and S. Vito lo Capo scheduled on September 11, 2005, a few additional short trips may be arranged for the accompanying members, but they might have to be charged. Assistance and suggestions will be given to individual plans.

Climate & Special Clothing

Erice is at 750 m elevation. In September temperatures can be fairly warm (22 to 18 degrees) during the day, but sometimes, especially in the evening and at night, it may be a bit chilly and foggy and the temperature may drops below 15 degrees. So a light raincoat, a scarf, sweaters, jackets and at least one warm pullover are strongly advised. High heeled shoes are not convenient for walking along the Erice stony streets: sturdy shoes are recommended for excursions. No formal dress will ever be
required. Note that the lecture hall, with standard air conditioning, has been defined 'rather cool'.

Contact Information

The full address of the Ettore Majorana Centre is:

Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture
Via Guarnotta, 26,
91016 Erice (TP)

Phone: ++39 0923 869068 or 869133
Fax: ++39 0923 869226
Web page: