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12th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics



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Participants and Poster Titles

Agrusta, RobertoMantle Plumes: influence of partial melting on the lithosphere erosion pdf 
Aleksandrov, VladislavA parallel direct-iterative solver using domain decomposition approach for geodynamic modelling pdf 
Al-Otaibi, ThamerJust attending the conference --- 
Arndt, NickKomatiites and the Continental Lithospheric Mantle pdf 
Babeyko, AndreyThe use of probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment in early warning system design pdf 
Baitsch Ghiradello, Bettina2D geochemical-thermomechanical modelling of isotopes evolution in intra-ocean subduction zones pdf 
Ballmer, Maxim DionysThermochemical plume models can reconcile upper-mantle seismic velocity structure beneath Hawaii pdf 
Baumann, TobiasData-driven forward modeling using a direct search approach pdf 
Bedford, JonathanJust attending the conference --- 
Beuchert, MarcusGeoid from convection models with thermochemical piles (LLSVPs) and a thermodynamically consistent melting model for ULVZs pdf 
Brune, SaschaThree-dimensional numerical models of continental break-up: Oblique rifting requires less force pdf 
Burke, Kevin300 Million Years of Intraplate Igneous Activity in the Americas: Evidence for Hotspots Sourced by Plumes from the Core-Mantle Boundary pdf 
Burkett, ErinDangling Slab Dynamics pdf 
Burov, EvgeniiModels of collision and exhumation pdf 
Cai, ZhengyuPropagation of flow in deformable porous media with damage pdf 
Christensen, UlrichDynamos in the Earth and other planets pdf 
Crameri, FabioOne-sided subduction in self-consistent models of global mantle convection: the importance of a free surface and a weak crustal layer pdf 
Dannberg, JulianeDynamics of thermochemical mantle plumes pdf 
Davies, J. Huw47TW ± 2TW: A Revised Estimate of Earth’s Surface Heat Flow pdf 
Drombosky, TylerA Boundary Element Dual Reciprocity Model of Multicrystal Settling in Magma Oceans pdf 
Dude, SabineDouble-diffusive convection -- A potential mechanism for generating layers in the early stages of Earth's history pdf 
Dymkova, Diana2D Numerical modelling of fluid and melt transport above slabs with finite differences and marker-in-cell technique pdf 
Evonuk, MarthaScaling of vorticity generation due to density stratification: Implications for the Earth pdf 
Fernandez, NaiaraDynamics of fold belts: insights from 3D numerical models of multilayer detachment folding pdf 
Foley, BradfordThe Conditions for Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths: Inferences From Convection Models With Damage pdf 
Fourel, LoicNumerical investigations of plate bending in free subduction pdf 
Francois, ThomasStable cratons for billions of years: topography matters pdf 
Fuchs, LukasNumerical models of diapiric structures - Analysis of the finite strain distribution pdf 
Gaeman, JodiCrystallization of magma oceans pdf 
Galsa, AttilaEffect of disintegration of chemical layering on time-dependent behavior of the mantle pdf 
Ganopolski, AndreyClimate change and geodynamics pdf 
Gassmöller, ReneTracer-based numerical modelling of mantle plumes with constraints from plate reconstructions: Connections to subducted slabs and LLSVPs below the South Atlantic pdf 
Gerya, TarasInitiation of subduction and oceanic spreading in nature and models pdf 
Gillman, CédericThe effects of mantle dynamics on the evolution of the atmospheres of terrestrial planets pdf 
Golabek, GregorTowards combined modeling of planetary accretion and differentiation pdf 
Gorczyk, WeronikaIntra-Cratonic Lithospheric Deformations - Heterogeneities, Faulting and Rayleigh-Tylor Instabilities --- 
Gray, RobertMantle lithosphere retreat and delamination beneath the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen pdf 
Gurnis, MikeSea level and basin subsidence from global dynamic earth models pdf 
Hasenclever, Jörg – is unable to come but sends posterModelling of compositionally buoyant diapirs in the mantle wedge using 2-D and 3-D parallel finite element codes written in MATLAB pdf 
Hempel, StefanieThe lowermost mantle beneath Bering Sea – Geodynamic and mineral physical implications from seismic data pdf 
Herein, MátyásImpact of the Rayleigh number and endothermic phase transition on the mantle dynamics pdf 
Herrendörfer, RobertInfluence of various parameters on modelling time-dependent dynamic topography pdf 
Hier-Majumder, SaswataTwo-Phase Flow Model of UltraLow Velocity Zone atop the Core-Mantle Boundary pdf 
Hillebrand, BramUsing Level Sets in slab detachment modeling pdf 
Höchner, Andreas1) Investigation on afterslip and steady state and transient rheology based on postseismic deformation and geoid change caused by the Sumatra 2004 earthquake pdf 
2) Source Model for the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami pdf 
Huettig, ChristianImplementation of a free surface phase change for mantle convection --- 
Huismans, RitskeForward Modeling of Rift and Passive Margin Formation pdf 
Johnston, StephanieThe Diversity of Ridges on Europa: Implications for Formation pdf 
Kanjilal, SuranitaA Solitary Wave Approach To Benchmark The 2D Code of A Two Phase Flow pdf 
Karato, ShunPartial melting, water, rheological properties and the origin of the asthenosphere pdf 
Kaus, BorisNumerical techniques for thermo-mechanical-fluid-flow modelling pdf 
Keller, TobiasModelling of two-phase flow: interaction of partial melting and active tectonics pdf 
Keshav, ShantanuJust attending the conference --- 
Keszthelyi, DanielMantle convection below the Pannonian Basin: First results. pdf 
Köstler, ChristophStabilization, Preconditioner and Solver for Modeling Variable Viscosity Mantle Convection pdf 
Laneuville, MatthieuNo announcement --- 
Le Pourhiet, Laetitia1) 3D shapes of metamorphic core complexes pdf 
2) Ups and Down of the Alboran-Rif Area --- 
Le Voci, GuiseppeNumerical Investigations into the Effect of Trench Migration on Three-Dimensional Thermal Structure of the Subduction Zone Mantle Wedge pdf 
Lechmann, Sarah MariaComparing thin-sheet to fully 3D models with application to the India-Asia collision pdf 
Leone, Giovanni3D numerical model for the formation of the martian dichotomy and the Tharsis rise pdf 
Li, Yangnumerical simulation of the low mantle dense layer's effect on mantle convection pdf 
Liao, Jie2D numerical modeling of cratonic lithosphere pdf 
Loiselet, ChristelleSlab retreat, induced mantle flow and observations --- 
Maierova, PetraNumerical model of a collisional orogen: Application to the Bohemian Massif pdf 
Manea, MarinaMantle wedge hydration and the subduction of serpentinized fracture zones pdf 
Manea, Vlad C.Chilean flat-slab subduction controlled by overriding plate thickness and trench roll-back pdf 
Massmeyer, AnnaThermal plumes in a yield-stress fluid: from laboratory experiments to geodynamical simulations pdf 
May, DaveTighty Coupled Geodynamic Systems: Software, Implicit Solvers & Applications pdf 
Miller, KevinA Phenomenological Approach to Simulating LPO Development of Various Olivine Fabrics pdf 
Mlcoch, BedrichAltenberg-Teplice Caldera – identification crustal structures based on the geophysical methods pdf 
Möller, AlexandraMetal rain in an early magma ocean pdf 
Montesi, LaurentMelt Extraction at Mid-Ocean Ridges A play in three acts pdf 
Moore, WilliamHadean Heat-Pipes and the Initiation of Plate Tectonics --- 
Mueller, MarkusStabilization, Preconditioner and Solver for Modeling Variable Viscosity Mantle Convection pdf 
Mulyukova, ElviraThermomechanical Modelling of Stability of the Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces pdf 
Nakagawa, TakashiThermo-chemical mantle convection simulations in a 3-D spherical shell incorporating improved database from free energy minimization pdf 
Oncken, OnnoMountain building at ocean-continent margins – the Andes case pdf 
Petersen, RobertTowards Self-consistent Numerical Models of Time-evolving Subduction Systems pdf 
Petrunin, AlexeiJust attending the conference --- 
Plesa, Ana-CatalinaHow to form stable chemical reservoirs on Mars --- 
Popov, AntonJust attending the conference --- 
Quevedo, LeonardoSubduction History Models for Dynamically Consistent Reconstructions pdf 
Quinteros, Javier1: Kinetics of metastable olivine constrained by seismic observations and dynamic models pdf 
2: Viscosity in transition zone and lower mantle constrained by numerical models pdf 
Reiter, KarstenJust attending the conference --- 
Richard, Guillaume-ClaudeHow to form a Basual Magma Ocean? Insights from two-phase flow numerical modeling pdf 
Riedel, MichaelNo announcement --- 
Rolf, TobiasThermal evolution in a spherical convection model with plate generation and mobile continents pdf 
Ruedas, ThomasThermal and compositional evolution of the martian mantle pdf 
Ruepke, LarsCurrent Mantle Energetics pdf 
Ruh, JonasInfluence of multiple décollement zones on fold-and-thrust belts pdf 
Samuel, Henri1) Time Domain Parallelization for Geodynamic Modeling pdf 
2) Erosion, Breakup and Chemical Equilibration of Iron Diapirs in Terrestrial Magma Oceans pdf 
3) The influence of Post-peroskite Rheology on Mantle Convective Stirring Efficiency pdf 
Schmeling, HarroMelt segregation and extraction: from rifting to spreading pdf 
Schröder, SarahA new 3D surface processes model for coupling with thermomechanical models and its application to the Pamir-Tien Shan orogen pdf 
Schubert, MaikeMafic Magma as Trigger of Felsic Intrusion Processes pdf 
Seleznev, VictorDeep Seismic Researches With Using of High-Power Vibration Sources at the Profiles in the East of Russia pdf 
Shahraki, MeysamUnderstanting the effects of compression on the geoid and dynamic topography pdf 
Skacelova, ZuzanaAltenberg-Teplice Caldera – identification crustal structures based on the geophysical methods pdf 
Sobolev, Stephan1) Linking mantle plumes, large igneous provinces and environmental catastrophes pdf 
2) Did Siberian plume head arrived beneath Western or Eastern Siberia? pdf 
3) Modeling orogeny in Tibet pdf 
Soliman, Mohammad (Youssof)Structure and extent of the southern African cratons pdf 
Solomatov, ViatcheslavIsostatic Stagnant Lid Approximation pdf 
Stegman, Dave1) Onset of Yellowstone-related volcanism controlled by propagating rupture of Farallon slab --- 
2) Indian and African plate motions driven by the push force of the Reunion plume head pdf 
Stein, ClaudiaA comparison of mantle convection models featuring plates pdf 
Steinberger, BernhardA geodynamic model of plumes from the margins of Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces pdf 
Tackley, Paul J.Plate tectonics and thermo-chemical evolution of the mantle pdf 
Theissen-Krah, SonjaMechanical and hydrothermal models of fast spreading ridges pdf 
Thielmann, MarcelShear heating and subduction initiation pdf 
Thomas, ChristineInvited speaker, see program pdf 
Tirone, MaxEntangling the Termal History, CMB temperature, Adiabatic Gradient and Viscosity Structure of the Mantle with the Termal and Dynamic Requirements for Upper Mantle Melting pdf 
Toker, MustafaSuture-parallel extension of Lake Van basin, Eastern Anatolia Accretionary Complex (EAAC), E-Turkey: An implication for the Highlands extensional paradigm pdf 
Torsvik, Trond300 Million Years of Intraplate Igneous Activity in the Americas: Evidence for Hotspots Sourced by Plumes from the Core-Mantle Boundary --- 
Tosi, Nicola1) Bent shaped plumes and horizontal channel flow beneath the 660 km discontinuity pdf 
2) The influence of post-peroskite rheology on mantle convective stirring efficiency --- 
Tympel, Jens2D Thermo-mechanical modelling of Cenozoic lithospheric deformation in the Himalaya and Pamir - Tien Shan orogen pdf 
van Hunen, JeroenThe evolution of subduction throughout the Earth's history pdf 
Vogt, KatharinaGeochemical consequences of thermomechanical plumes in subduction zones. Implications for crustal making processes pdf 
Wallner, HerbertProbing an approch for a self-consistent emplacement zone for excess partial melt pdf 
Walzer, UweA Model of the Evolution of Continents and Chemical Mantle Reservoirs pdf 
Werner, StephanieDistribution of volcanism, topography and geoid highs on terrestrial bodies: A comparison pdf 
Wimert, JesseA semianalytical, three dimensional model of mictrostructure in multiparticle, multiphase flow pdf 
Wolf, SylvieEffect of fluid release on intermediate depth subduction processes: Insights from fully-coupled numerical modelling --- 
Zaussinger, FlorianVariation of viscosity contrast for convection experiments in spherical shells as part of geophysical flow simulation experiment 'GeoFlow II' pdf 


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