Abstract Submission

There are two ways to submit an abstract: you can either download our latex template file, modify it with a text editor and send it to geodynworkshop@uni-bayreuth.de or you can fill out the form for plain text (see PLAIN TEXT option below). Please do not do both as this will result in additional work from our side. If any problems arise, please contact us. Just in case you use the Plain Text option and you have more than three authors and/or more than three affiliations per author, either use the tex template or contact us.  

Abstracts should not be longer than 1 page. You may include one figure. In this case, please use the tex template and also send us the image file. References should be directly included in the template (no .bib files). 

Poster boards will be 1,40 m high and 1,12 m wide.

Abstract deadline is August 1.

Tex files sent to us should be named as follows: <author>_abstract.tex, e.g. doe_abstract.tex

Image files should be named as follows: <author>_figure.<filetype>, e.g. doe_figure.jpg

Abstract submission is closed !!!

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