Use the form below to register for the Workshop (fields in bold are mandatory). Once you submit the form, a mail dialogue will open with the data you filled in the form. Just click on send and you are done. The registration deadline is July 15. Registration fees also have to be paid by then.

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Conference fees:

3 days single room 240,60 €
shared room 210,60 €
2 days single room 182,30 €
shared room 162,30 €
3 days shared room 185,60 €
2 days shared room 137,30 €

Registration is based on a first-come first served basis (based on the payment date) with a hard limit of 40 participants. Our preferred payment method is by bank transfer (bank details will be sent to you once you register). If this is not possible for you, please contact us. If the conference fee hasn’t been paid until July 15 the latest, registration will be cancelled by us. There is a general cancellation fee of 30 % of the conference fee, which increases to 40 % if you cancel after July 15.

Participant list

AntoineRozelETH Zürich
BorisKausJGU Mainz
BernhardSteinbergerGFZ Potsdam
GregorGolabekBGI Bayreuth
AndreaAdamsBGI Bayreuth
MarcelThielmannBGI Bayreuth
HarroSchmelingGoethe Universität Frankfurt
LisaRummelJGU Mainz
GeorgReuberJGU Mainz
AndreaPiccoloJGU Mainz
Jan PhilippKruseGoethe Universität Frankfurt
VojtechPatockaCharles University Prague
MeysamShahrakiGoethe Universität Frankfurt
MichaelRiedelGFZ Potsdam
PatrickSananUSI Lugano/ETH Zürich
LenaNoackRoyal Observatory of Belgium
TimLichtenbergETH Zürich
ChristianMaasWWU Münster
ClaudiaSteinWWU Münster
Ana-Catalina PlesaDLR Berlin
PhilippHellenkampWWU Münster
Benedikt SeitzerWWU Münster
KevinHelferWWU Münster
PaulBonsUniversität Tübingen
JoanaPoledniaBGI Bayreuth
PaulTackleyETH Zürich
IlyaFominETH Zürich
CharitraJainETH Zürich
StefanBrändliETH Zürich
KatharinaMarquardtBGI Bayreuth
SouravMisraBGI Bayreuth
FrankWagnerETH Zürich
AntonPopovJGU Mainz

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