AUSSOIS 2001 - Submitted poster presentations

Name Title Date of submission
1. Chris Kincaid Modeling Flow and Melting within Subduction Zones (01/02)
2. Edouard Kaminski The Influence of Dynamic Recrystallization of Olivine (07/02)
on the Development of Seismic Anisotropy in the Mantle
3. Christina Morency Convective destabilization of a thickened continental lithosphere (19/02)
4. Caroline Dumoulin Numerical simulations of the cooling of an oceanic lithosphere (19/02)
above a convective mantle
5. Marie-Pierre Doin Lithospheric deformation and continental crust recycling: (22/02)
The roles of rheology and eclogitization
6. Ritske S. Huismans Factors controlling the asymmetry of lithosphere extension (01/03)
inferred from numerical experiments
7. Guillaume Richard Role of the mantle dynamics on water distribution in the Earth's mantle (02/03)
8. Patrick Cordier Mantle convection: what about the experimental approach? (04/03)
9. Thibaut Putelat Towards a consistent thermo-mechanical model of plate tectonics (08/03)
for oceanic-lithosphere steady flows
10.Fabien Dubuffet Secondary Instabilities Developed in Upwellings of High Rayleigh (12/03)
Number Convection: implications for Hotspots
11. Bertram Schott On the importance of compressibility in D''-layer dynamics (12/03)
12. Frederic Deschamps Anomalies of temperature and iron in the uppermost mantle (12/03)
13. David A. Yuen Geophysical Application of Filtering and Visualizing Using Multidimensional Wavelets (13/03)
14. Craig J. O'Neill Modeling Archean sub-continental mantle dynamics (13/03)
and heat flow using diamond stability constraints
15. Arthur R. Calderwood A re-assessment of the Present day Mantle Heat flux due to Secular Cooling (13/03)
16. Thorsten W. Becker Comparing global mantle models: from mapping to hypotheses testing (17/03)
17. Emmanuel Tric Spectral modelling of mantle convection in a non orthogonal geometry: (17/03)
application to subduction zones
18. Henri Samuel Thermochemical Convection and He Concentrations in Mantle Plumes (17/03)
19. Cinzia G. Farnetani Mixing of Heterogeneities in Mantle Plumes (17/03)
20. Neil M. Ribe Dynamics of Thin Viscous Sheets: Theory and Geophysical Applications (17/03)
21. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb Subduction initiation: Weak fault by water? (17/03)
22. Gabriele Morra Dynamics of Slabs: Insight from Numerical Eexperiments (17/03)
23. Ctirad Matyska Are Mantle Plumes Adiabatic? (17/03)