10th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection
and Lithospheric Dynamics

September 2-7, 2007, Carry-le-Rouet, France


Program and invited presentations

Participants, abstracts and posters


Practical informations

Confirmed participants, 04-12-2007

Lastname FirstnameInstitution Abstract
1AndrovandisophieIPGPhot and cold instabilities in a fluid with a strongly temperature-dependent viscosity [Abstract]
3ArrialPierre-AndréUniversité de NantesNumerical modelling of the influence of subduction parameters on partial melting [Abstract]
4BallmerMaximETH ZurichIntraplate volcanism due to small-scale convection [Abstract]
5BehounkovaMarieCharles University, Praha, Czech RepublicLong-wavelengths subductions in the lower mantle [Abstract]
6BeuchertMarcusPGP, University of Oslo, NorwayModeling of craton stability using a viscoelastic rheology [Abstract]
7BinaCraigNorthwestern UniversityRevisiting models of the core of Mercury [Abstract]
8BoschiLapoETH ZurichSeismological Evidence, and a physical explanation for outer core density/velocity heterogeneity [Abstract]
9BuiterSusanneGeological Survey of NorwayA new comparison of numerical and analogue model experiments of crustal-scale processes [Abstract]
10BullAbigailArizona State UniversityA Multi-Discipline Approach to Investigate Shear-wave Anomalies in the Lower Mantle [Abstract]
11ChobletGaelCNRS - Universite de Nantes40Ar, eclogite and the evolution of Venus internal dynamics [Abstract]
12CizkovaHanaCharles University PragueThe effect of post-perovskite rheology on the deformation of slabs in the lowermost mantle [Abstract]
13ColticeNicolasUniversitŽ Lyon 1Xenon constraints on the thermal history of the Earth [Abstract]
14DavailleAnneIPGPWhen hot thermochemical instabilities trigger subduction and continental growth [Abstract]
15DeubelbeissYolandaETH ZurichA comparison of finite difference formulations for the Stokes equations in presence of strongly variable viscosity [Abstract]
16Di GiuseppeErikaETH-Zurich Plate strength drives trench motion: Insights from numerical models [Abstract]
17DoinMarie-PierreLaboratoire de Geologie, CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure ParisProbing the uppermost mantle rheology using surface deformation associated with the Lake Mead load fluctuations [Abstract]
18duchoisellelionelETH ZurichExploring the model space of thermo-chemical convection using spherical geometry [Abstract]
19DumoulinCarolinelaboratoire de Planetologie et Geodynamique, Universite de NantesSmall-scale convection under mid-oceanic ridges: influence of transform faults [Abstract]
20DuvalPaulLGGE/CNRSrheology of ice in glaciers and polar ice sheets: experimental results and modelling [Abstract]
21FaccendaManueleETH ZürichRetrating continental plate: numerical modeling and observations [Abstract]
22FahlAndreInstitute for Geophysics, Münster, GermanyPlate formation in a mantle convection model: The effect on the dynamic topography [Abstract]
23FarnetaniCinziaInstitut de Physique du Globe, Paris FranceDynamics and internal structure of a mantle plume conduit [Abstract]
24FleitoutLuceENS ParisWhat brakes for plate-tectonics? [Abstract]
25FourelLoicIPGPThe Stability and Instability of Continents [Abstract]
26FunicielloFrancescaUniv. Roma TRELaboratory Models of Subduction: State of the Art [Abstract]
27GeenenThomasuniversity utrechtLarge scale mantle dynamics modeling [Abstract]
28GeryaTarasETH-ZurichShell tectonics - the pre-cursor of mantle convection [Abstract]
30GoesSaskiaImperial College London, U.KTowards geodynamic interpretation of seismic mantle structure [Abstract]
31GolabekGregorETH ZurichEarth's core formation aided by flow channelling induced by Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities [Abstract]
32GrigneCecileETH ZurichOnset of plate tectonics and the effect of continental-like heterogeneities [Abstract]
33GueslinBlandineipgpInfluence of skin formation on thermal convection [Abstract]
34HasencleverJoergInstitute of Geophysics, Hamburg UniversityWhat controls passive and active mantle upwelling beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges? [Abstract]
35HernlundJohnUniversity of British ColumbiaStatistical Distribution of Seismic Velocities in Earth?s Deep Mantle and Dynamical Implications [Abstract]
36HerreroHenarUniversidad de Castilla-La ManchaTime dependent solutions for a convection problem with variable viscosity in codin-2 zones [Abstract]
37HieronymusChristophUppsala UniversityA Dynamical Model for Generating Sharp Seismic Velocity Contrasts Underneath Continents: Application to the Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone [Abstract]
38HuettigChristianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)Optimal domain decomposition for 3D spherical mantle convection codes using minimal energy configurations of classical electrons [Abstract]
39hussonlaurentcnrsTethyan Closure, Andean Orogeny, and Westward Drift of the Pacific Basin [Abstract]
40HwangYong KeunUniversity of MichiganSpatial Variations of Attenuation in the Mantle beneath North America from P Wave Spectral Ratio [Abstract]
41kaminskiedouardIPG ParisPorous Compaction in Transient Creep Regime and Implications for Melt and Petroleum Extraction [Abstract]
42KausBorisETH Zurich2D/3D Numerical Modelling of Lithosphere-Mantle interaction. [Abstract]
43KingScottVirginia TechConvection in Mercury's Mantle: Linear Upwellings Not Plumes [Abstract]
44KirkpatrickGregoryCornell Universitynone
45KlemannVolkerGeoForschungsZentrum PotsdamContribution of glacial-isostatic adjustment to tectonic plate motion [Abstract]
46LabrosseStephaneENS-LyonEvolution of a dense magma ocean at the base of the mantle [Abstract] [Poster]
47LassakTeresaArizona State UniversityInfluence of thermochemical piles on topography at Earth?s core-mantle boundary [Abstract]
48LengWeiUniv. of Colorado at Boulder, USAControls on plume heat flux and plume excess temperature [Abstract]
49LevEinatMITAnisotropic Viscosity and Geodynamical Flow Models - Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities as a Test Example [Abstract]
50Li QingheEarthquake Administration of Jiangsu Province, ChinaThe crust and upper mantle structure of East China and adjacent sea [Abstract]
51MaierovaPetraCharles Univ., Prague, CZViscosity structure of icy satellites: constraints from topography relaxation [Abstract]
52MartinecZdenekCharles University in PragueRefined prediction of GIA-induced variations in the Earth's rotation [Abstract]
53mcnamaraallenArizona State UniversityThe influence of initial condition and plate history on geodynamical predictions of thermochemical structures [Abstract]
54MichautChloeYale UniversityThe Spreading of Two-Phase Viscous Gravity Currents [Abstract]
55MishinYuryDepartment of Earth Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland2D Numerical modelling of double subduction process [Abstract]
56MoresiLouisMonash UniversityMantle convection, plasticity and plate kinematics [Abstract]
57MorganwilliamHarvard UniverfsityMantle plumes and superswells [Abstract]
58MorraGabrieleRoma Tre University and ETH ZurichPlanetary Scale Simulations of Geodynamics with Multipole Boundary Elements [Abstract]
59NikolaevaKseniaETH ZurichIntraoceanic volcanic arc development: insights from numerical modeling [Abstract]
60OganovArtemETH Zurich and Moscow State UniversityInsights into the Properties of the Deep Earth from Computational Mineral Physics [Abstract]
61ParmanStephenDurham UniversityIsotopic Constraints on Archean Mantle Dynamics [Abstract]
62Phipps MorganJasonCornellMore Evidence for a Plume-Fed Asthenosphere [Abstract]
63PostekEligiuszSchool of Earth and Environment, University of LeedsSurface deformations during the earthquake cycle for a layered visco-elastic crust [Abstract] [Poster]
64PouillouxLaurentIPGPAnisotropic rheology of a cubic medium and implications for geological materials [Abstract]
65RibeNeilIPGPAll Bent Out of Shape: The Dynamics of Thin Viscous Sheets [Abstract]
66ricardyanickcnrs, Universite de LyonA two phase segregation model [Abstract]
67RICHARDGuillaumeEarth Sciences Institute / J.W. Goethe University FrankfurtWater induced convection and slab dehydration in the Earth's mantle transition zone [Abstract] [Poster]
68RiedelMichaelUniversity of PotsdamNanoscale properties of rocks and subduction zone rheology: Role of grain-boundary energy [Abstract]
69RitsemaJeroenUniversity of MichiganTomographic filtering of geodynamic models [Abstract]
70robuchonguillaumeLaboratoire de PlanŽtologie et GŽodynamique de Nantes3D Spherical modelling of the onset of convection within Iapetus : implications for the timing of its accretion. [Abstract]
71RostSebastianUniversity of LeedsDynamics of the deep Earth as seen by Seismology [Abstract]
72ROZELAntoinelaboratoire science de la terre lyonShear localisation in mixed diffusion/dislocation regime [Abstract]
73RuepkeLarsPGP - OsloLate syn-rift (65-55 Ma) uplift in the Voring Basin, Norwegian Sea - was it a \'hot\' or a \'cold\' event? [Abstract]
74SchmalzlJoergUniversity MuensterMagama Chambers: Convection with spherical particles [Abstract]
75SchmelingHarroGOethe University FrankfurtNumerical Models of Continental Rifting with Melt Generation [Abstract]
76SHIChaoCornell University, USAnone
77SimonsFrederikPrinceton UniversitySeismic Tomography: Methodology, Results, and the Latest Developments [Abstract]
78SoldatiGaiaINGV - RomeInference of mantle viscosity from geodynamic data: a genetic algorithm inversion method [Abstract] [Poster]
79SoustelleVincentGeosciences Montpelliernone
80TackleyPaulETH ZurichUsing the yin-yang grid to model thermo-chemical mantle convection with large viscosity contrasts in a 3-D spherical shell [Abstract]
81TanEhCaltechCompressible thermo-chemical convection and application to lower mantle structures [Abstract]
82tobiegabrielCNRS/LPGNantesDynamics and evolution of icy satellites [Abstract]
83TommasiAndreaGeosciences MontpellierMechanical anisotropy of the lithospheric mantle: Observations and models [Abstract]
84TosiNicolaGFZ Potsdam (Germany)Low-degree gravity signature of short-wavelength models of subduction [Abstract]
85van HeckHeinETH ZürichPlanforms of self consistently generated plate tectonics in 3D spherical models of mantle convection [Abstract]
86van HunenJeroenDurham University, UKReduced oceanic seismic anisotropy by small-scale convection [Abstract]
87van KekenPeterUniversity of MichiganA community benchmark for compressible mantle convection [Abstract]
88van ThienenPeterFac. Geosciences, Utrecht UniversityFinite element meshing of three-dimensional faulted domains [Abstract]
89WallnerHerbertInstitute for Geosciences Frankfurtnone
90yuendavidUniversity of MinnesotaInteractive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection [Abstract]
91ZhongShijieUniversity of ColoradoSupercontinent Cycles, True Polar Wander, and Very Long-wavelength Mantle Convection [Abstract]
Convection at Ra=1e7
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