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Geodynamics Workshop 2010

06.-08. October 2010

Wednesday 6th October

11.00 Registration and Welcome

12.30 Lunch

Mantle Dynamics

14.00 Uwe Walzer, Roland Hendel

Mantle convection and the generation of geochemical reservoirs in the silicate shell of the Earth

14.20 Nicola Tosi, David Yuen, Ondrej Cadek

Lower mantle dynamics and the role of pressure-dependent thermodynamic and transport properties

14.40 Ana Catalina Plesa

The Influence of Partial Melt Generation on Mantle Density and Viscosity: Consequence for the Mantle Dynamics

15.00 Discussion and Poster Presentation

Poster: Maike Schubert, Robert Orendt, Lukas Fuchs, Eleni Tzoumerkiotis, Nicoleta Scurtu, Vladislav Aleksandrov, Suranita Kanjilal

15.30 Coffee and Posters

16.30 Marcus Beuchert, M. J., Harro Schmeling

A numerical investigation of the influence of density anomalies in the lower mantle on the geoid

16.50 Bernhard Steinberger, Trond Torsvik

A geodynamic model of plumes from the margins of Large Low Shear Velocity

17.10 Discussion

18.00 End

Thursday 7th October

Evolution of Planets and Life

9.00  Tilman Spohn

Planetary Evolution and Habitability

10.00 Poster Presentation

Poster: André Fahl, Wladimir Neumann, Anna Maßmeyer, Tobias Rolf, Daniel Heyner, Alexandra Möller

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Guillaume Richard, Stephane Labrosse

Insights from two-phase flow numerical modelling

11.20 Jelle De Vries, A. P. van den Berg, W. van Westrenen

Numerical convection modelling of a compositionally stratified lunar mantle

11.40 Katharina Brannaschke

Self-organized layer formation in a solidified magma ocean

12.00 Lena Noack, Doris Breuer

Damped Frank-Kamenetskii Approximation for Temperature- and Pressure-Dependent Rheologies and Consequences for the Simulation of Super-Earths

12.20 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Vlada Stamenkovic, L. Noack, D. Breuer, T. Spohn

On the Problem of the Propensity of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths

14.20 Claudia Stein, Julian Lowman, Ulrich Hansen

Thermal structure and lithospheric mobility of super-Earths

14.40 Wieland Dietrich, J. Wicht, U. C. Christensen

Lateral core mantle boundary heat flux variations as a model of Martian paleomagnetic field

15.00 Tobias Trümper, M. Breuer, H. Harder, U. Hansen

Numerical simulations of thermo-chemically driven convection and geodynamos

15.20 Discussion

15.30 Coffee

Mantle and Crustal Dynamics

16.30 Harro Schmeling

Thermo-mechanical modelling with a free surface: the sticky air approach

16.50 Tobias Keller, Boris J. P. Kaus

Numerical modeling of two-phase flow: Interaction of partial melting with active tectonics

17.10 Katharina Vogt, Gerya Taras, Castro Antonio

Geodynamic regimes of crustal growth at active margins: numerical modelling

17.30 Herbert Wallner, Harro Schmeling

An advanced mechanism driving Rift Induced Delamination: Melt Induced Weakening

20.00 Social Event (Brauhaus Pinkus Müller)

Friday 8th October

New Techniques and Concepts

9.00   Henri Samuel, M. Evonuk

The Numerical Advection of Discontinuous Quantities in Geophysical Flows Using Particle Level Sets

9.20   Christoph Köstler, M. Müller, J. Baumgardner, U. Walzer

Stokes Solvers for Variable Viscosity Mantle Convection

9.40   Jan Verhoeven, Stephan Stellmach

Extension of a Cartesian Geometry MHD Boussinesq Code to the Anelastic Approximation

10.00 Helmut Harder

Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Methods in Dynamo Simulation

10.20 Discussion

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Christine Thomas

Seismic Structures in the Deep Earth's Interior

12.00 Klaus Petschel, Michael Wilczek, Martin Breuer, Rudolf Friedrich, Ulrich Hansen

Investigation of Flow Reversals in Vigorous Rayleigh-Bénard Convection

12.30 Lunch

Core Dynamics and Dynamos

14.00 Johannes Wicht, W. Dietrich, K. Hori

Equatorially anti-symmetric convection in rotating spherical shells

14.20 Julia Ernst-Hullermann, Helmut Harder, Ulrich Hansen

Precession driven dynamos

14.40 Kumiko Hori, U.R. Christensen, J. Wicht

The influence of fixed flux conditions on convections and dynamos

15.00 Coffee and final discussion – future outlook

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