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Alexandrov, Samuel - The Schur complement method and solution of large-scale geophysical problems

Beuchert, Schmeling - A numerical investigation of the influence of density anomalies in the lower mantle on the geoid

Brannaschke, Hansen - Self-organized layer formation in a solidified magma ocean

de Vries, van den Berg,  van Westrenen - Numerical convection modelling of a compositionally stratified lunar mantle

Dietrich, Wicht, Christensen - Lateral core mantle boundary heat flux variations as a model of Martian paleomagnetic field

Ernst-Hullermann, Harder, Hansen - Precession driven dynamos

Fahl, Stein, Hansen - Sea floor flattening as response to plate deformations in mixed-mode heated self-consistent mantle convection

Fuchs, Schmeling, Koyl - Numerical models of salt dome formation by downbuilding: the role of sedimentation rate, viscosity contrast and other parameters

Heyner, Gomez-Perez - Initial conditions, chaotic branching and feeback-stabilization in numerical dynamos

Hori, Christensen, Wicht - The influence of fixed flux conditions on convections and dynamos

Kanjilal, Richard, Schmeling - Another 2D code for modeling of two-phase flow: A benchmark and an application in geodynamics

Keller, Kaus - Numerical modeling of two-phase flow: Interaction of partial melting with active tectonics

Köstler, Müller, Baumgardner, Walzer - Stokes Solvers for Variable Viscosity Mantle Convection

Maßmeyer, Davaille - 3D-Temperature-Visualization-Method for Convection-Experiments in the Laboratory

Möller, Hansen - Influence of rotation in iron and silicat particles in an early magma ocean

Neumann, Bierhaus, Wünnemann, Breuer - Modelling of the Influence of a Giant Impact and the Resulting Antipodal Anomaly on the Martian Mantle Convection

Noack, Breuer - Damped Frank-Kamenetskii Approximation for Temperature- and Pressure-Dependent Rheologies and Consequences for the Simulation of Super-Earths

Orendt - Numerical Modelling of the magmatic crust production in Iceland

Petschel, Wilczek, Breuer, Friedrich, Hansen - Investigation of Flow Reversals in Vigorous Rayleigh-Bénard Convection

Plesa - The Influence of Partial Melt Generation on Mantle Density and Viscosity: Consequence for the Mantle Dynamics

Richard, Labrosse - How to form a Basal Magma Ocean? Insights from two-phase  flow numerical modeling

Samuel, Evonuk - The Numerical Advection of Discontinuous Quantities in Geophysical Flows Using Particle Level Sets

Rolf, Tackley - Influence of continents in mantle convection models with selfconsistent plate tectonics

Schmeling - Thermo-mechanical modelling with a free surface: the sticky air approach

Schubert, Driesner, Gerya - Numerical modeling of granitic intrusion mechanisms

Scurtu, Futterer, Whittaker, Egbers, Plesa, Breuer - Initial Convection Experiments in Spherical Shells for Modelling Mantle Dynamics within the GeoFlow project

Spohn - Planetary Evolution and Habitability

Stamenkovic, Noack, Breuer, Spohn - On the Problem of the Propensity of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths

Steinberger, Torsvik - A geodynamic model of plumes from the margins of Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces

Tosi, Yuen, Cadek - Lower mantle dynamics and the role of pressure-dependent thermodynamic and transport properties

Trümper, Breuer, Harder, Hansen - Numerical simulations of thermo-chemically driven convection and geodynamos

Tzoumerkiotis - Numerical modelling of the plate retreat at the Hellenic Subduction Zone

Verhoeven, Stellmach - Extension of a Cartesian Geometry MHD Boussinesq Code to the Anelastic Approximation

Vogt, Gerya, Castro - Geodynamic regimes of crustal growth at active margins: numerical modeling

Wallner, Schmeling - An advanced mechanism driving Rift Induced Delamination: Melt Induced Weakening

Walzer, Hendel - Mantle convection and the generation of geochemical reservoirs in the silicate shell of the Earth

Wicht, Dietrich, Hori - Equatorially anti-symmetric convection in rotating spherical shells


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