Program and Abstracts Book

The book "Scientic Program and Abstracts" is now available on-line, and you can download it here.

File size: 14.1 MB,

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Slides from Invited Talks

M. Carlsson, Adding complexity – Magnetohydrodynamics (8.3 MB), download

H. P. Langtangen, Building simulation software for the next decade: Trends and tools (0.6 MB), download

L. Le Pourhiet, Plasticity and strain localisation in the crust and lithosphere models: Numerical aspects (52 MB), download

B. Steinberger, Modeling Dynamic Topographies of Planetary Bodies (19.2 MB), download

E. Syracuse, Seismic observations of subduction zones and implications for modelling, hydration, and volcanism (16.5 MB), download

E. Tan, Plume generation and migration (2.9 MB), download

Poster presentations

R. Agrusta, D. Arcay and A. Tommasi, Effects of partial melting on the dynamic of SSC developing in a plume-fed layer beneath a moving plate (2.5 MB), download

A. Bottrill, J. van Hunen, S. Cuthbert and M. Allen, Slab tearing and Lateral variation in the exhumation of ultra-high pressure terranes with application to the Norwegian Calidonides (1 MB), download

L. Caron, M. Greff, L. Fleitout and L. Métivier, Effect of Burgers rheology on glacial isostatic adjustment models (0.8 MB), download

R. Lehmann, B. J. P. Kaus and M. Lukácová-Medvid’ová, A discontinous Galerkin method for variable-viscosity Stokes flow (0.5 MB), download

C. Maas, A. Möller and U. Hansen, Crystal settling and growth caused by Ostwald ripening in a rotating terrestrial magma ocean (1 MB), download

V. Magni, P. Bouilhol, J. van Hunen and L. Kaislaniemi, Slab dehydration in the early Earth: Insights from numerical models integrated with thermodynamic data (5.5 MB), download

S. Schröder and R. Gloaguen, Modelling the influence of faults on a developing river system (1.8 MB), download